Take control of your mental health and future through recovery-orientated life coaching.

Living with a mental health issue can affect the way you think, feel and behave. It can make you feel completely alone and isolated.

Are you wondering if someone truly understands?
Perhaps you feel no one can help?
Are you tired of explaining your truth to others?
Or, you don’t have much hope of getting back on track?

Recovery coaching
Coworth Recovery Life Coaching
Coworth Recovery Life Coaching (1)

You're not alone. A coach will work with you to live a full and meaningful life.

Our friendly and respectful coaches understand what you’re going through. They’ve lived it! They have insight and understanding from their own experience or through helping someone very close to them. They work with you to find new ways, or sharpen existing ways, to manage challenges in your day-to-day life.  Our coaches will help you to:

  • Feel confident and worthy
  • Develop and achieve your goals
  • Increase respectful, strong relationships
  • Take part in fun and/or purposeful activities
  • Use your skills and abilities to have a positive life
  • Build resilience to handle what life throws your way
  • Connect you with services to make sure you get extra support
  • Provide guidance to help increase your capacity to recover. Including resilience, decision-making, motivation and finding your strengths.

A recovery focused approach

Recovery is not necessarily about a cure but rather helping someone to live a full and meaningful life even when their mental health issue is still there.

A recovery approach is usually linked to other parts of your life. Feeling part of a community, going to activities and having a purpose. For example, learning, starting a project or maintaining work.

Having plenty of support gives your recovery the best chance of success. Starting with you being involved in what you want. And linking with family, friends, professionals, services and the community.

Online program

Our innovative coaching program has been designed to be delivered online. You will have access to collaborative tools and exercises that will help you along the way. We want to create a safe place for you to share what you believe, to be genuinely heard and encouraged without being judged.

In-person options

We understand if online is not your thing. Most of our coaches are located in Sydney, so we can arrange a face-to-face session and bring our program with us. We are also connecting with new coaches all around Australia, so contact us to see if we have anyone near you.

Coworth Recovery Life Coaching
Coworth Life Recovery Coaching
Coworth Life
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So, what makes us different?

We believe in the power of lived experience. We get it, we speak your language.

We're not just 'telehealth', but we're purpose-built for online conversations. Our one-of-a-kind platform empowers you and your coach to build insight, focus and direction

Our programs have been designed from our experience in helping hundreds of people facing mental health challenges. From early signs to persistent and complex experiences.

We care. Having experienced this ourselves, we've gone through every detail to make sure you have a positive and fulfiling experience.

Taking control of your mental health will mean different things to different people.

Your journey is individual to you. What’s important to you, will be different for someone else.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Think what you’d like to do and work towards that goal.

Create your own way. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s personal.

Mental health recovery is ongoing. It’s normal to have setbacks along the way.

You decide if, and when, you’re ‘ready’


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6 ways to start recovery


You’re in control of your life. Take control and do what’s best for you. Think about what you can do to be happier and set yourself some goals.

Take steps to get closer to where you’d like to be.


Focus on what you can do. Not on things you can’t do. Accept you can’t do some things and that’s OK.

Accept and like yourself. Look in the mirror and feel comfortable with who you see.


Have hope for the future. Support groups can help. Reading other people’s stories, or writing your own, can help too.

Try to achieve something you found difficult in the past. Such as, leaving the house.


Worrying about things in your life doesn’t help. It causes stress. Dealing with money or housing problems can make you feel worse. Ask for help.


Stay in touch with family, friends, support groups, work mates. Meet face to face, chat or message on the phone or online. Forget the ones who make you feel bad. Go out and feel part of your local community.


Small lifestyle changes can make you feel better and help recovery. Having routines can give you a sense of purpose and structure.

Contact us today about recovery-orientated life coaching.

Featured Coaches

Here are some of our friendly coaches that are ready to partner with you. We also have many more. 

Contact us today to find a coach that’s right for you.

Nibras Coworth

Nibras J




Lived experience with mental-health/mental-ill health.

Worked in a mental health settings.

Worked in settings that require experience with mental health


Honest, Empathetic, Supportive.


Passionate about psychology and mental health field (Studying Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)).

Crisis Supporter at Lifeline.

Educational Support Assistant at Western Sydney University, Researcher at at Western Sydney University.

Wellbeing Support Caller at CatholicCare, Teacher and Administrator at various places such as Liverpool Public School and Western Sydney Migrant Resources Centre.

Bilingual (Arabic and English)

Software Engineering.


Favourite quote: "The best day is yet to come!"

Coworth Coach

Michael S


Online or in-person (Sydney)


Lived experience with mental health/mental-ill health.

Worked in mental health settings.


Honest, Trustworthy, Caring.


Passionate about helping others and giving back to the mental health community that helped me on my own journey.


Favourite quote: "What do we do when we fall? We learn how to pick ourselves back up"

Jessica Coworth

Jessica P


Online or in-person (Sydney)


Lived experience with mental health/mental-ill health.

Family member of someone who has lived experience of mental-ill health.

Carer of someone who has lived experience of mental-ill health.

Worked in mental health settings.

Worked in settings that require experience with mental health.


Creative, Eclectic, Warm.


Music, art, psychotherapy.


Favourite quote: "The storm is an artist and the rainbow is its masterpiece."

Jess B


Online or in-person (Western Sydney)


Lived experience with mental health/mental-ill health.

Lived experience of mental-ill health.

Lived experience of mental-ill health.

Worked in mental health settings.

Worked in settings that require experience with mental health.


Compassionate, creative and loyal.


Confident communicator, creative, problem solver, great organisation skills and time management skill, collaborative, computer literate, good listener.

(More in depth) I am confident communicator and easily converse with people from all walks of life. I am passionate about diversity, equality and am a LGBTQIA+ Ally. Having a background working with dementia and palliative patients and working with youth mental health clients I understand the importance of fostering supportive, healthy, positive relationships. I believe people need to be supported holistically and innovatively. Each person is unique; I feel it’s essential to provide a safe open space for people to find a sense of self and discover what brings them happiness. Finding fun and creative ways to support individuals to achieve this has always brought me joy.

I’m open and supportive of other people’s beliefs and backgrounds. I love creativity and outside of the box thinking. Music is my form of meditation.

Reading and creative writing are one of my favourite forms of self-care. I’m a ‘figure it out’ kind of person. If there is something I don’t know or don’t understand I will ask for help or guidance, each day is a new opportunity to learn something. I believe empathy is underutilised and should be a part of all interactions.


I have two favourite quotes that resonate deeply with me. Both are lyrics by Ziggy Alberts, from 'Laps around the sun' and 'Together':

"Lately I’ve been too busy To smell the bottle brush Just chasing laps around the sun" and

"And I will stand beside you won’t let hate reside here Lock hands together in the crowd And we will fight for this country we adore In hard times each of us know how Throw fear aside regrowth can come along."


All our Coaches meet one of the requirements:

  • Certificate IV in Mental Health or equivalent, or
  • Minimum of Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work and/or
  • Minimum of 2 years lived experience in mental health and supervised

Yes, coaches are supervised by a qualified and experienced mental health professional who has a deep understanding of psychotherapy and recovery-orientated practices.

Yes we are. We’re registered under Support Coordination, which allows us to provide Psychosocial Recovery Coaching.

We also have in-house support coordinators with expert knowledge in the NDIS and its Operational Guidelines.

Do you want to see if we have the right coach for you?

Get in touch today to see what we can do for you:


1300 466 192


Or send us a message and we’ll be in touch.